Reading List

Been very busy lately working on projects and ideas hence the lack of posts. Ive recently decided its time to hammer a few books as I havent read a thing since August. Heres whats currently sitting on my to read list. I will update this post as time goes on with new books and books I’ve previously read on to remind me of ideas from these books and to let you know if they are any good or not . If anyone has any suggestions let me know cheers.


 A Book about how everything in life is connected to everything else. Classic book about Hub theory havent read this bad boy yet but its at the top of my list having ordered it twice and it not arriving. The book was recommended highly by @jameswelchseo hub theory evangelist.

Super Connect

Read this in August on the way to Rhodes. Its not really a how to book which is what I like, im a firm believer in reading real life examples and listening to stories of how business became successful and working out how to apply it to your own or just simply understand how they managed it. Examples and accounts in this book all boil down to network science and how people and their connections ultimately make you a success. Must read another recommended by @jameswelchseo

The Thank you Economy

Having seen a few talks online by Gary and appreciating his no nonsense be a bottom feeder just do it  and work hard attitude (hard work is the only currency I buy into), I thought lets take the plunge and read one of his books. This book is a look into now and where things are going in the word of social media. Throwing social media out of the window its just obvious that relationships with your customers is going to become more and more important, thank your customers now and retain them. Another thing I like about this book is that it speaks in terms that business owners ( none techies understand which is useful)

Crush it

Havent read this one yet its sitting on my table. By the sounds of it its gonna be a roll your sleeves up and get stuck in type of book. I will let you know if its worth getting.


Havent read this yet but looking forward to it having never read a Seth Godin book before. The one I really fancy reading is purple cow just from the mentions and buzz it created but hey this was thrown at me from a friends bookcase so Ill become a Linchpin first and worry about the purple cow later :)

Dont close like a 19 year old, interact first – SMO

I thought id share one of my favourite videos on social media / where marketing is headed by Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee I tell everyone I know who has a social media interest to watch this, so get to it :)

Entertaining, funny, realistic.

If you enjoyed the video Gary has a book that im currently reading called the thank you economy, Ill let you know if its worth the buy.

Snog Marry or Avoid?

My first post :) Ive decided not to bore you with all the usual About me crap and what im hoping to write about and stuff. Short and simple Im going to write (not very well grammar nazi’s beware) about things that I find interesting and has value. The plan is not to have a wishy washy blog that just commentates on industry politics or other people in the industry. Nuts and bolts replaceable stuff is what I want to go for, with no doubt the odd off topic post. Anyways I’ll create an about me page at some point for those who want to know a little more about me :)

So lately usability has been my biggest turn on, massively overlooked I feel by some web masters that have been hit by penguin. Attacking your link profile is just part of the challenge, accounting for the lost business is the more pressing real world issue. Regaining your traffic is going to be a long drawn out process so squeeze every thing you can out of your visitors. A good SEO goes beyond rankings and visitors and looks at gaining the client more business (design, usability,content,blind testing,ppc optimisation), with the best looking through the whole process from visitor to customer, industrialising and smoothing out processes as they go. Continue reading Snog Marry or Avoid?