Reading List

Been very busy lately working on projects and ideas hence the lack of posts. Ive recently decided its time to hammer a few books as I havent read a thing since August. Heres whats currently sitting on my to read list. I will update this post as time goes on with new books and books I’ve previously read…

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Dont close like a 19 year old, interact first – SMO

I thought id share one of my favourite videos on social media / where marketing is headed by Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee I tell everyone I know who has a social media interest to watch this, so get to it Entertaining, funny, realistic. If you enjoyed the video Gary has a book that im currently reading called…

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Snog Marry or Avoid?

My first post Ive decided not to bore you with all the usual About me crap and what im hoping to write about and stuff. Short and simple Im going to write (not very well grammar nazi’s beware) about things that I find interesting and has value. The plan is not to have a wishy…

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